SECUREIT Rapid 6 Gun Safe Kit SEC-RD6-01


Made from a state-of-the-art, lightweight olefin, Retrofit Kits give you a more economical, yet still high-performance version of the CradleGrid ™system for your safe or cabinet.

Retrofit any safe or locking cabinet to properly store any combination of 6 modern sporting rifles, firearms, and traditional long guns.

Product Description



Ideal for small spaces

Home Defense

Can be used for home defense firearms in a closet in your bedroom or in a locked kitchen cupboard.


CradleGrid changed the way that everyone from military armorers to hunters/shooting enthusiasts store their firearms

Proper Storage

Upgrade any traditional safe or gun cabinet, or simply attach to a wall within a locked area for proper firearm storage


The cradle adjusts on louvered grids to support individual firearms at the barrel, rail or magwell

Optics Friendly

Allows standoff to accommodate attached optics so there is no need to re-zero when you retrieve a firearm


  • Made of state-of-the-art, lightweight olefin
  • CradleGrid system accomodates 6 modern shooting rifles, firearms and traditional long guns
  • Store any combination of firearms (modern, traditional, etc.)


  • 6 cradles: 2.5″w x 6.5″d
  • 3 modular grids: 5 7/8″w x 12″h each
  • 3 interlocking stock bases (2 firearms per base): 5 7/8″w x 10″d x 2″h