Champion Hearing Protection Foam Plug 99779


The Champion Hearing Protection Foam Plug was produced to function as the ideal solution to make sure your ears have proper protection. A highly effective hearing protection unit is an excellent resource to have while at work site or shooting range. With the Champion Hearing Protection Foam Plug, buying a quality ear muff hasn’t ever been easier. In order to make sure you have got some of the most effective products out there, these Protective Ear Muffs from Champion are made utilizing exceedingly high quality materials and manufacturing. For a very long time, Champion has been producing top of the range hearing safety, and the Champion Hearing Protection Foam Plug is the consequence of their persistence for making sure that you use some of the finest products that the ear muff market is offering. For that fantastic way to keep your ear drums secure, purchase the Champion Hearing Protection Foam Plug.

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Product Description

  • Soft tapered foam for maximum comfort
  • Provides excellent hearing protection when shooting
  • Designed to contour to your ear, these ssoft foam plugs provide a comfortable fit.