Browning Tactical Hunter Alpha Max Flashlight Model 1239 Black Flashlight, 3711239


Browning Tactical Hunter Alpha Max Model 1239 Black Flashlight is an ultra powerful lithium flashlight with a tactical end-cap switch. This is a special lockout feature that keeps this Browning flashlight from turning on when packed tightly with other gear. The rugged, lightweight aluminum housings are double-O-ring sealed, and the specialized K-2 lens and reflector design projects a unique diamond-shape beam that covers 25% more area than conventional round beams. This Tactical Hunter flashlight Model 1239 by Browning delivers maximum power using only one AA battery.

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Product Description

  • Delivers 107 lumens, shines over 100 yards, and is no bigger than a roll of breath mints
  • Digital circuitry delivers maximum power using only one battery
  • Rugged Tactical Hunter design with lock-out switch and Deep Carry pocket clip