[Richmond Gun Shop] 2017 Annual sale event+Cash prizes, coming up on Nov 25&26!!!



The most anticipated sales event of the WHOLE YEAR is arriving, either you preparing your firearm purchase, or stacking up for the next year,
or go so far as expand your collection, WEST COAST HUNTING is presenting you limited time and exclusive offers in store & online sale event.

2 DAYS— IN SOTRE sales event will take place on 25th & 26th of November.
4 DAYS— ONLINE sales will last from 27th to 30th of November.

Win more MONEY while saving MONEY.
Come & Check out our 6-DAY sales event and you might win $1000. Plus, we match all the price from all the stores within lower mainland.


Prizes included in the draw box are listed below:

$50 with unidentified winner count
$100 with unidentified winner count
$200 with unidentified winner count
$500 2 winners
$1000 1 winner

How to play:

1. For every transaction above $500, an entry to the draw box is granted
2. Each Transaction above $2000 grants you two entries
3. Any single transaction above $5000 grants you three entries

Maximum entries you’ve been granted must be used during our annual sale (Nov 25 & 26)

Each individual can only participating in draw with maximum of three entries across 25th & 26th.

* All prizes won during the annual sale draw can only be used by Jun 30, 2018, with term & condition and restrictions may apply.

Please contact us for more details.

* All online orders placed during 25th &26th will not be processed until 27th ( No ordered item will be reserved).

* All pre-owned firearms are excluded from sale (In store& Online)

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